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How do thermal imaging work

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Thermal imaging is a science that uses optoelectronic devices to detect and measure radiation and to establish interconnections between radiation and surface temperatures. Radiation is the movement of the radiant energy (electromagnetic wave) when it moves without direct transmission of the media.

 All objects above absolute zero (-273 degrees C) will emit infrared radiation. The thermal imaging receives the infrared radiation energy distribution figure of the target detected by the infrared detector and the optical imaging objective, and reflects it on the photosensitive element of the infrared detector, so as to get the infrared thermography. Generally speaking, the thermal imaging is the transformation of the invisible infrared energy from an object into a visible thermal image. 

The different colors on the top of the thermal image represent the different temperatures of the measured objects.By looking at the thermal image, we can observe the overall temperature distribution of the target and study the heating status of the target, so as to make further judgement. Human beings have been able to detect infrared radiation all the time. The nerve endings in the skin of the human body can react to the temperature difference of up to + 0.009 [0.005] C (0.005 degrees). 

Although the nerve endings of the human body are extremely sensitive, their structure is not suitable for nondestructive thermal analysis. For example, although humans can find warm-blood prey in the dark by the heat perception of animals,  they may still need to use better thermal testing tools. Because of the limitation of physical structure in the detection of heat energy, the mechanical and electronic equipment that is very sensitive to heat energy have been developed. These devices are standard tools for checking thermal energy in many applications.

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