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Classification of the main performance indexes of thermal imaging

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1. resolution
The resolution is the most important indicator of the thermal imaging.The resolution of the general thermal imagings have three kinds of resolution, 160x120, 336x256 and 640x480. The price is from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands dollars.

2. built-in screen's resolution

We observe the target through a thermal imaging, essentially obsobserving its internal LCD screen. The top brand thermal imaging has a high resolution and clarity of the built-in screen.For example, RNO's thermal imaging has a built-in screen with a top OLED that has 800*600 resolution.

3. Monoculars or binoculars
Binoculars are significantly better than monoculars in the use of comfort and observation. Of course, the price of binoculars thermal imaging will be much higher than that of monoculars. The binoculars thermal imaging will be far higher than the monoculars in the production technology. At present, only two companies in the world have this production technology, including RNO and HST.

4. magnification
Because of the technical bottleneck, the physical magnification of the thermal imaging, most of the smaller factories are only within three times. The maximum rate of production at present is 5 times.

5. external video recording device
The well-known brands of thremal imaging offer the option of external recording devices. It can be directly recorded on the SD card through this device.And it can also be remote-controlled by remote control.

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