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2018-01-08What are the key points of the infrared thermal imaging?

The infrared thermal imaging was initially applied to the military. With the development of more high-tech thermal image technology, the application f

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2018-01-08What are the advantages of thermal imaging in different environments?

The thermal imaging is a new technology transferred from the tank night vision instrument. In recent years, car night vision technology has made great

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2018-01-08Attention in thermal imaging examination

The principle of infrared thermal imaging is not so mysterious. The physical principle is to explain that the human body is a natural source of infrar

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2018-01-08What are the cautions for the use of the thermal imaging?

Thermal imagers mainly use infrared detectors and optical imaging objective technology to transform the invisible infrared energy from different objec

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2018-01-08Three things to keep in mind when using an infrared thermal imaging

Thermal imaging can detect the location and operation rule of various heat sources in other devices by temperature, and predict its development trend.

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2018-01-08Several important parameters of the hunting thermal imaging

As a typical high-end application equipment, with the continuous improvement of the manufacturing process, the performance of thermal imaging has been

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