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What are the key points of the infrared thermal imaging?

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The infrared thermal imaging was initially applied to the military. With the development of more high-tech thermal image technology, the application field of thermal imaging is expanding. It involves industrial, medical, and even consumption.With the popularity of the high performance thermal imaging, what are the key points of the thermal imaging as a consumer? 

1, choose the product with high sensitivity, the imaging will more clear.
Thermal imaging according to the temperature of the object to image, if you require more clear imaging results, it is recommended to choose high thermal sensitivity. It can distinguish small temperature difference, greatly improve the delicate degree of image. The higher the sensitivity of thermal imaging, the better the imaging effect, and the more able to distinguish the location of fault points.

2. Select products with high infrared resolution
The detector pixels of the infrared thermal imaging are called infrared resolution. It is similar to visible light, and the higher the pixel, the clearer the picture is, the more delicate it is. The higher the pixel is, the more temperature data you get, and the more accurate it is in imaging.

3. Select different field angles according to different situations
The field Angle is the horizontal and vertical Angle of the imaging on the infrared thermal imaging detector. The larger the angle, the wider the view, such as the wide angle mirror. The smaller the Angle, the smaller the view, such as a long lens. So it's important to choose the right lens for different occasions.

4. Choose different types according to the principle of work demand
Thermal imaging has different working principles at work, it is mainly divided into the principle of thermal  detection and the principle of optical detection. So pay attention to distinguishing the difference between the two of thermal imaging. Thermal detection is less sensitive than light detection, but it doesn't require refrigeration, optical detection is highly sensitive and can produce imaging effects on semiconductor materials.
The introduction of the key points of the thermal imaging is as follows. I hope it will be helpful to the people who want to buy the infrared thermal imager. But not all people can buy good quality and low price thermal imaging. It is suggested that the purchasing personnel should make some comparisons and find the most suitable and professional thermal imagings.

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