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Several important parameters of the hunting thermal imaging

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As a typical high-end application equipment, with the continuous improvement of the manufacturing process, the performance of thermal imaging has been greatly improved. Here is a brief introduction to the main parameters of thermal imaging.

1. Frame rate 

Frame rate refers to the number of images taken, processed, and displayed by the thermal imaging within one second. The faster the sensor response, the higher the internal circuit processing speed, the greater the achievable frame rate. A high frame rate thermograph is suitable for capturing the temperature distribution of a high speed object. It is more suitable for scientific research and military research. 

2, pixel array and pixel spacing

The current infrared thermograph detector is an uncooled focal plane detector. In the process of production, a sensor unit of array arrangement is processed on vanadium oxide or polysilicon material. There is a certain distance between each unit. 

3, the accuracy of temperature measurement

Accuracy is the percentage of the maximum error of the infrared thermal imager to the instrument range in the condition of the environment, temperature, humidity, distance and emissivity correction.

4. Display mode

The display mode, according to the professional, usually refers to the display of a thermographic screen in black and white or false color display. 

5. Range of temperature measurement
For cameras, there is always a certain temperature measurement range during normal operation, which refers to the range of the minimum and maximum temperature values for temperature measurement.

6, temperature resolution
The temperature resolution is an important parameter to measure the infrared thermal imager. The temperature resolution is the sensitivity of the detector to the temperature change of the object being measured. The smaller the temperature resolution, the better. 

7. Scanning system and maximum working time
These are parameters that people tend to ignore, the former refers to the standard TV system in China, PAL system.
The latter refers to the continuous working time of the thermal imaging.

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