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What are the cautions for the use of the thermal imaging?

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Thermal imagers mainly use infrared detectors and optical imaging objective technology to transform the invisible infrared energy from different objects to a professional device that can directly visualized infrared thermal images. It is possible to study the heat of the detected target by its imaging map, so as to study the next step of the work. It is widely used in the field of related professional research. So what should you pay attention to when using a thermal imageing with stable performance?

What are the cautions for the use of the thermal imaging?

1. When manually adjusting the emissivity of the thermal imager, people should try not only to select the high emissivity surface of the detected object as a reference point, but also to avoid launching to non-metallic, rough and low reflective surfaces. At the same time, in order to prevent excessive external current from disturbing the thermal imager, we should also pay attention to the use of the ampere current in the vicinity of the device when shooting. And in order to prevent the effect of cloudy and rainy weather, the effect of thermal imaging should also be avoided in bad weather. 

2. The domestic well-known thermal imager can take any Angle to shoot the material that can meet the target size and rough surface. For some smooth metal materials and glass and other non-metallic objects, we should pay attention to the shooting angle beyond the vertical angle. For the surface of the ordinary metal, the shooting angle can be relaxed to a certain angle.

3. In the use of a thermal imaging to avoid reflecting some of the energy from a nearby object in order to avoid some of the detected objects with low emission frequencies. During the operation process, we should not only eliminate the extra reflection energy, but also modify the thermal imager according to the temperature of the scene, adjust its background temperature compensation and other related parameters.
The above is the four points that should be paid attention to in the use of a stable thermal imaging. Before the operation, people should not only understand the attention skills of the related operations, but also have professional knowledge and skills. In the process of later use, it is better to operate this set of technical and professional instruments and apply it to the related research fields.

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