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What are the advantages of thermal imaging in different environments?

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The thermal imaging is a new technology transferred from the tank night vision instrument. In recent years, car night vision technology has made great progress, many vehicles are equipped with thermal imaging, which greatly improves the safety factor of vehicle driving. So what are the advantages of hot - selling thermal imaging? Next, I'll give you a brief description of the advantages of thermal imaging in different environments.

What are the advantages of thermal imaging in different environments?
Environment 1: lighting conditions
Thermal imaging can make the driver identify the experimental dummy in the light colored dress in the far distance road, much earlier than the xenon headlights. And when the dummy is wearing a black dress, the distance can be doubled. This means that thermal imaging can enhance the safety of night driving. At the same time, due to having enough potential danger information, it can make drivers feel less psychological pressure during the night driving, and make the journey on the car more comfortable and relaxed.

Environment 2: bad weather environment
Because of the long infrared wavelength of the infrared thermal imaging, the penetration ability of the smoke and fog is much stronger than that of the visible light. Normally, mist and mid fog have essentially no effect on imaging. The long wavelength corresponding the stronger abillity of diffraction. So the stain on the lens or the front of the lens is blocked, which basically has no effect on the visual effect.

Environment 3: light pollution
Because the passive thermal imaging is based on the working principle of thermal imaging, to detect the thermal radiation of objects and pedestrians as the source of image data. When driving, the light of the reverse car does not affect the image ahead, the driver can be very easy to judge the situation ahead. Active infrared night vision is the initiative to work, if the relevant light source using a special halogen bulb, and install a filter in the front. It is only allowed to pass through the infrared light and will not be disturbed by the "glare" in the reverse encounter.

The above are the advantages of a reliable thermal imaging in different environments. For a long time, poor visibility and light pollution have been one of the most important sources of traffic accidents. As an active safety technology, the thermal imaging is equipped with the system like the eyes of a pair of owls wearing a telescope. You can clearly see the front lights beyond the light of the headlights and early detection of the potential dangers in the dark.

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