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2018-01-08Is the night vision without thermal imaging good for hunting at night?

1,Night vision is smaller than thermal imaging in the field of vision at night searching for prey and is suitable for relatively precise and small ran

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2018-01-08How far can thermal imaging be measured?

The detection distance of the thermal imaging = measured target size ÷ IFOV, so the smaller the spatial resolution (IFOV), the farther it can be measu

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2018-01-08How small targets can be measured by thermal imaging?

the minimum target size = IFOV * Minimum focusing distance. So the smaller the IFOV, the smaller the minimum focus distance, and the smaller t

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2018-01-08Is thermal imaging good for hunting?

Thermal imaging is very useful, it's not the same as the ordinary night vision, and can be used in a full black environment. And the prey is outstandi

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