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Is thermal imaging good for hunting?

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Thermal imaging is very useful, it's not the same as the ordinary night vision, and can be used in a full black environment. And the prey is outstanding. It use the temperature difference between the prey and the environment. such as the hare pheasant, to show the prey.

At present, the thermal imaging manufacturer has shenzhen PARD technology, GAODE, DALI, Pulsar and so on. Most of those on taobao are agents, or small workshops or something like that. If you want to buy the product, it will be safe to find the manufacturer, after all, the price of the thermal imaging is not cheap, and the after sale must have a guarantee.

The thermal imaging of hunting is suggested to choose PARD, which is cost-effective. The price and parameter can be compared on your own, and the utility of their machines is well done in some small details.

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