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2018-01-08The advantages of thermal imaging

The best advantage of the thermal imaging but also the greatest advantage of other products, is the most rapid response time. It has the fastest, the

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2018-01-08Classification of the main performance indexes of thermal imaging

1. resolution The resolution is the most important indicator of the thermal imaging.The resolution of the general thermal imagings have three kinds of

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2018-01-08Introduction of thermal imaging

Thermal imaging is the non-contact detection of infrared energy (heat), and convert it to an electrical signal, and then generates thermal images and

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2018-01-08How do thermal imaging work

Thermal imaging is a science that uses optoelectronic devices to detect and measure radiation and to establish interconnections between radiation and

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2018-01-08Thermal Imaging Introduction

Thermal imaging uses infrared detector and optical imaging objective to receive the infrared radiation energy distribution pattern of the detected tar

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