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G series search infrared thermal imager

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G series search infrared thermal imager
  • G series search infrared thermal imager
  • G series search infrared thermal imager
  • G series search infrared thermal imager
  • G series search infrared thermal imager

【Brand】: PARD
【Style】: Monoculars
【Weight】: 360g
【Digital zoom】: 1X/2X/4X
【power supply】: 3.7V
【Battery type】: Li-lon battery
【Specification model】:19/ 25/ 35

【Operating time on battery】: >3.5h

【Type of infrared emitter】: Single emitter

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一、Basic parameters



探测器分辨率Detector distinguishability






帧频Frame Rate



观察方式Observation Method

5”高清LCD大屏Eyepiece+ 5”LCD HD

5”高清LCD大屏Eyepiece+ 5”LCD HD

显示器分辨率Monitor resolution



数码变焦digital Zooming

1X , 2X ,4X

1X , 2X ,4X

视场角Field of angle

14.9*11.2(17um  384*288)

10.7*8.0(17um  384*288)

探测人距离(1.7*0.5 米)






激光定位器Laser locator

5mw adjustable red laser locator

5mw adjustable red laser locator

智能变焦Intelligent zooming

2x,4x Intelligent zooming

2x,4xIntelligent zooming

极性模式Polar mode



启动时间Starting time

小于2秒 less than 2 secs

小于2秒Less than 2 secs


18650 3.7v 锂电池(可更换)replaceable Lithium battery

18650 3.7v 锂电池(可更换)
Replaceable Lithium bettery

单节电池使用时间Battery life

>4 hr

>4 hr


防水 / 防尘waterprrof / dustproof

防水 / 防尘 waterproof / dust proof

工作温度Operating temperature

-30°С - +60 °С

-30°С  -  +60 °С

储藏温度 Storage temperature

-50°С  -  +70 °С

-50°С  至  +70 °С

外壳材质 Shell material

7075航空合金铝 Aviation aluminum alloy

7075航空合金铝Aviation aluminum alloy

主体外型尺寸Main body size



重量(不含电池)Weight (Battery not included)





This device is a compact and portable multinational thermal imaging that may apply to Wild observation, Wild hunting, Outdoor exploration, Anti-theft, Night patrol and Operation on the sea. Adoption advanced NST technology and incorporated with French detector, it also features High sensitivity, High refresh rate and High availability.

All products of our company are direct sales of the company PARD. It has  high cost performance, four years warranty and lifetime maintenance. It really solves the user's zero risk shopping experience. There is any problem that can be solved for you at the first time, no need to be sent to foreign maintenance. (this is the advantage that many sellers don't have on the Internet now).

三、Product features

1,High-definition LCD screen: 5-inch HD screen, the picture is clear. To say goodbye to long term use of eyepiece to cause visual damage. The display can be rotated to 90 degrees, easy to use!

2,50HZ non-blocking refresh technology / infrared lens. Using non blocking refresh technique, clear picture without pause phenomenon.

3,French original imported detector, 17 um advanced technology, more than the other 25 um in the market!

4, Wide application. It is suitable for many occasions such as natural observation, outdoor hunting, outdoor exploration, security and security, sea operation, night patrol and so on.


四、Installation and Operation



五、Product installation

Please take the following steps in the first use

Battery installation > Eyepiece adjustment > Objective lens adjustment

Installation of battery


1.Please use 3.7V Lithium battery 18650

2.Remove battery cap by turn it counter clockwise. Insert the battery correctly making sure the positive polar towards the front objective lens. Put the cap back and screw it until tight. ( Fail to do so may result in restarting!)

3.Press the power button


Objective lens adjustment


1. Aim at your target, turn objective lens ring until you’ve achieved a stable and proper focus.

2. In general way set the position of OA to the point of infinity

3. Please note because of minimum focusing distance, it’s normal that you may not achieve proper focus within 3 meters.

4. Please aware that this device cannot help you to see through any glass.


六、Keys, Interface and Operations

Keys of this device have been defined into 2 modes:

1,Shortcuts       2.Menu mode(setting up)



By default, shortcuts mode is on when you just power on the machine. (Boot up after 15 seconds)


1. In this mode, you may access to Zooming by pressing 放大键 . A image zoom in 2 time appears in the upper part of the screen. Press 放大键 again to turn off this feature.


2. In this mode, press 【激光测距键】to start Laser ranging. A the picture below shows , an aim point appears in the center of the screen.


Press 【激光测距键】to enter into Distance measurement, an aim point appears and blinks in the screen.  Aim this point to your target and press 【激光测距键】again, a distance value obtained and shown in the right of the screen. Effective range is 5-800 meter. 0.0m would be feedback if the object is out of this range.

3. Red laser indicator switch. When the power is On, press this key to urn this function On or Off.


When the power is On, you will see Home screen as below;



Menu mode

Press the menu button to enter the menu setting mode, and the interface is shown as the following figure (the shortcut key is invalid)


1. Press 【菜单键】, as shown above [极性] is selected. Press 【功能键+or【功能键-to change value. Press 【菜单键】again and again to enter into different features setting in sequence. Press 【菜单键】7 times to quit setup and save configuration.

2. Each menu option corresponds to the function

极性       极性设置              白热/黑热/伪彩1-伪彩4/建议设定值:白热

Polarity     Polarity configuration                          Suggestive value

亮度       亮度调节             设置范围0-1000/此参数越高亮度越高/建议设定值250

Brightness  Brightness control     Scope 0-1000/The higher the parameters the brighter the screen/ Suggestive value 250

对比度     对比度调节           设置范围0-30/此参数越高对比越明显/建议设定值 10

Contrast   Contrast control     Scope 0-1000/  The higher the parameters the brighter the screen / Suggestive value 250

分化类型   十字分化             设置1-6 / 6种分化线选择/依自身喜好选择

Differentiation type  Cross differentiation   Options 1-6 / 6 differentiation types/ Select subject to personal preference.

X          分化线X              设置范围0-768/控制分化线横向左右移动  

            line  X   Scope0-768/  Make he line do lateral move

Y          分化线Y             设置范围0-288/控制分化线纵向上下移动

           Line Y     Scope 0-288/  Move the line do vertical move

3. Please note  【菜单键】right after making each adjustment until Menu icon disappear to save your adjustments.


The thermal imaging camera can be used day and night, but please note:

1. Do not view any strong radiation source like The Sun, electrowelding and Laser directly, otherwise it may caused permanent damage and it is not covered by the Warranty.

2. Please put this device in its box all the time as long as it is not in use. Please do not expose it to direct sunlight.

3. Please only use 3.7V Lithium rechargeable batteries.

4.  Please contact us or certified engineer when any faults occurs. Any unauthorized disassemble may result in warranty void.

5. Please only use 3.7V Lithium rechargeable battery, When the Electricity Prompt urns to red please replace new battery. Wrongly use different type of battery may cause damage to this devise.

6. Please put the lens cap on and place this devise into its box when not in use for a long time.

Please use clean and supple lens tissue to remove dusts on the eyepieces and lens.

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